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This section of our FAQ will answer questions about how this website works. Click any of the questions below to view the explanation.

How do I place an order?

We have tried to make placing an order as easy as possible. The first step is to select a strain you want to purchase. Once you have done this select the desired amount of seeds per pack (if applicable) and click on ´add to cart´. After this simply follow the checkout procedure


What do the icons on this site mean?

Every cannabis strain on this website has a range of icons that explain the characteristics of that strain in a nutshell. This should make it easier for you to select a strain that has exactly the characteristics you are looking for.

These icons show whether a plant is suitable for growing outdoors in cold climates or that you can only grow them outside in moderate or warm climates. All strains can, of course, be grown inside with lights.
These icons show the height gain a strain can produce once put into flowering. If you have a limited amount of space you can easily pick the more compact strains that are suitable for your grow room.
These icons show the flowering time this strain needs. So if you want flowering time that’s as rapid as possible, you’ll know which one to pick.
These icons show the average yield of a strain. Naturally, the yield depends on many factors and this icon allows you to easily compare the average harvest of various strains to find the highest yielders.
These icons indicate whether a strain is mostly Sativa, Indica or a hybrid of the two types.
This icon is reserved for our very special cannabis varieties and is awarded only to strains that have actually won an award of some sort. If you know of a strain that has won a prize and is not listed here, please help us out and send us an email so we can give credit where credit is due!

How do I find a strain that suits me?

For your convenience we have introduced a special cannabis strain selector tool. This tool in combination with our handy icon system should make finding the right strain a stroll through the park.

The strain selector allows you to choose a strain by simply selecting the characteristics you need and it will give you a list of strains that are suitable for you. Just as an example, if you want a strain that is mostly sativa, suitable for a colder climate and has a large yield, simply select these criteria in the strain selector and it will provide you with a list of strains that are just that!

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